Looking for company formation services? IMMANUEL Consulting is well known for offering high professional quality company registration and incorporation services and advice in a cost-effective way, which is why you can rest assured that you make a wise choice with IMMANUEL Consulting. Read on to find out more about the company formation services that we provide.

Why choose to establish business presence in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a remarkable business environment with low tax and efficient modern systems and infrastructure. Hong Kong people are deeply engrained and competitive business oriented.

Hong Kong entrepreneurs and multinational corporations have been developing business contacts on the Mainland through a Hong Kong subsidiary as Hong Kong companies already have an established foothold in China and remains the most significant gateway into the Mainland.

For people from the Mainland who wishes to expand their businesses to overseas can also take advantage of Hong Kong’s well-established legal systems and infrastructure to cooperate with international companies.

IMMANUEL Consulting can help you to incorporate or register company in Hong Kong.

The following are the most common forms of doing business in Hong Kong:-

-     Company limited by shares or guarantee
-     Branch of overseas company
-     Representative Office
-     Partnership
-     Sole proprietorship

We provide you advice from the legal and tax perspectives on the best form for setting up business presence and corporate structure in Hong Kong according to your requirements and background. Our high professional quality company registration and incorporation services come with reasonable fees, truly making us your only choice.

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