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Why Offshore?  

By utilizing an offshore company, it is possible for the beneficial owner to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation and asset protection.  Below are the benefits of using offshore company.


Asset Protection from lawsuits

It is more efficient to plan for succession of assets since the assets are all together under the offshore investment holding company which avoids delays in administration and the cost of probate and legal fees in each country where assets are located.

This helps to accumulate wealth outside the jurisdiction that will protect you from liens, levies or lawsuits.


Confidentiality & Privacy

As there is no filing requirements of shareholders to the public records, an offshore investment holding company can help in sheltering the assets from invasions of privacy from ex-spouses, competitors, unsatisfied customers resulting in unfair litigation.

This helps to expand the business worldwide with increased privacy.


Flexible business laws abroad

An individual can use an offshore company to hold his assets whether it be shares in a family company, retirement and investment portfolio or property in perhaps more than one country.

This helps to centralize the assets in a friendly jurisdiction which also affords confidentiality.


Reduce your taxes (subject to laws in your jurisdiction)

Owning an investment holding company offshore allows an individual to legally drastically reduce any capital gains, interest tax, dividend tax and inheritance tax in the investment portfolio. 

We can rapidly form a new company for you in offshore jurisdictions. Contact us and we will advise you the most appropriate jurisdictions to be formed for your purpose.


Alternatively, you can choose the shelf company which is ready made clean company for immediate use from