Branch of overseas company

A company incorporated outside Hong Kong which establishes a place of business in Hong Kong must within one month register as a non-Hong Kong company under Part 16 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Such a company must report to the Companies Registry its name, directors, company secretaries, if any, local representatives, memorandum and articles of association, the address of its principal places of business and registered office for registration and any subsequent changes thereof within one month of the changes.

It must also register with the Companies Registry any creation of charges of property situated in Hong Kong and any existing charge on acquired property situated in Hong Kong. Every year, it must submit to the Companies Registry an annual return and a copy of the annual accounts (unless exempted). Such obligations will cease if the company ceases to have a place of business in Hong Kong.

If the Registrar is satisfied with the documents filed, a Certificate of Registration of a non- Hong Kong Company and a business registration certificate will be issued within 13 working days and the name of the company will be entered into the register of non-Hong Kong companies kept by the Registrar.

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