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Planning to move to Hong Kong for work? As a leading work visa agents in HK, we’ll have you sorted in no time. See below to find out more about how we can help with working visa applications.

Working Visa/Investment Visa

All non-Hong Kong residents, who want to work, either as an employee in a company in Hong Kong or an investor in an invested company in Hong Kong, will require a, Employment visa and an Investment Visa respectively and a HKID Card whilst there are no documented qualifying criteria, educational background, relevant experience and salary level are all determining factors. When considering an application, the Immigration Department will usually examine 3 core areas:

  1. How beneficial the business of the employer is to Hong Kong economy, trade and industry.
  2. How indispensable the proposed applicant is to that business.
  3. That a local or resident worker could not fill the position.

To support item 3 above, it is important for the company to show that the applicant can satisfy the following:

  •   He/she possesses extensive knowledge and experience in their field.
  •   He/she is highly qualified professionally.
  •   He/she possesses specialized knowledge that is indispensable to the company in Hong Kong.
  •   Works of the individual will be to the general benefit of Hong Kong.

It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to approve the applications and usually a one-year right to stay will be given to the successfully applicants.

How we can help

IMMANUEL’S services include application for the following:

  •   Employment as Professional
  •   Investment Visa (to establish or join-in business)
  •   Skilled PRC residents
  •   Dependent Visa
  •   Extension of Stay/Termination of Sponsorship/Change of Employment
  •   Training Visa
  •   Travel Pass
  •   APEC Business Travel Card
  •   China Visa

Let our work visa agents help you with your visa applications in HK today. Please contact us for advice on details.

Please contact us for advice on details.